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Newborn Checklist: Essential items to stock up on before baby's arrival

Every mother wants best for their babies that's why mothers get everything ready a few weeks before the baby's birth. Once the baby arrives, your days and nights will be spent in feeding and taking care of the baby. You will get exhausted in setting up your new routine. Also, you do not want to get ready with your new one and rush to the nearest store for small things.
Here, I curated a list of the essentials items to stock up on before the baby's arrival. I have divided the essentials into 6 categories.  1) Diapering Diapers (diaper for the newborn)Rash Cream (infant rash cream)Wipes (infant wipes)Cotton Balls (cotton balls)Sanitizer (sanitizer)
2) Cleaning A big bottle of antiseptic lotion (antiseptic liquid)Baby cloth detergent (baby cloth detergent)

3) Clothing Mittens (Mittens)Caps (infant caps)Jumpers (Vadmans Baby)Thermals (if it winters time)Onesies (onsies

Must Have Kitchen Tools For Busy Moms

Whether you are a mom of an infant, toddler, kid or teen preparing food for your kids can be very time consuming and tiring. Still, we manage to serve them the delicious homemade food.
We can make our life easy if we have right tools to make our tedious task quick.

Here is the list of the kitchen tools which make my kitchen life easy in some way.

1) Rice Cooker:  It is small easy and convenient to cook rice. Just you need to put rice and water correct measurement. Switch on the power button. Voila, you are done. This is automatic, once the rice gets cooked, it automatically switches to the warm mode.

2) Electric Kettle: It boils water in few mins. That is why it is good life hack for any busy mom. It auto stop itself. It is easy to handle & transportation. It has a broad mouth to facilitate easy serving without any hassles.

3)  Vegetable Chopper: This is a must-have product for every kitchen. From chopping to Julian to kneading doughs it does all smooth and very easy to operate. One…

Indoor Activities I do With My 5 Year Old

My 5-year-old enjoys the activities like art and craft, pretend games, coloring, etc. I always want to be a part of her activities so that one day, when I looked back I won't be missing out on the fun parts of parenting with my DD.

So, I choose some simple activities which are easy, cheap and fun to do.

Following are the some activities which I often do with my daughter when she is at home:

Reading: I read somewhere that "If you want your children to be intelligent, read them stories. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more stories." - Albert Einstein, We read lots of different books together be it story books, rhyme books, leaflets or dictionary. Art and Craft: My 5 year old is the messy crafty kid. The craft supplies are inexpensive, this activity makes her imagination spark to create something new and interesting. Drawing: I don't teach her how to draw. She just draws whatever surrounds her. Be it her friends, park drawing, family, etc. Here I just g…

How I store and organize medicines

If someone at your home got sick or injured, what will you do? You just run to get your first aid kit, right?

If you have had just dump all your medicines or first aid supplies in a drawer or box it will take ages to find what are you searching for in case of emergency and sometimes you find medicine but it get expired or the bottle is empty.

Good organization method helps you out to avoid getting in fuss with a sick kid.  I don not have habit to stock lots of medicines as the medical store is near by our place. That is why it doesn't make any sense to stock up lots of medicines. Also now a days we have facility of home delivery and also there are the websites from where you can order the medicines.

Some websites from where you can order medicines by uploading the prescription are:

http://www.netmeds.com I have this first aid kit box which I bought from D-Mart for Rs.140. The box is quite handy which has quite a deep conta…

How I choose books for my 5 year old?

Selecting a right book is the key to discover the fun of reading. I read somewhere "A book is unlimited investment in human mind and spirit." That is why the selection of books should be done with peaceful and relaxed mind.

My 5 year old is in her language development phase that is why I feel this is good time to add varieties of books in her book shelf.

Some of the benefits of reading aloud with you little one are:

This is a fun activity which I and my daughter enjoy together.It builds listening skills in her.It improves concentration,She now express herself more.She is really curious which generate lots of questions in her mind.She started putting logic in various scenarios of day to day life.She also starts making her own stories and songs.The more you read to your child, more they get exposure to the new words. That is how their vocabulary also get increase. Lets come back to the topic, how I select a book for her:

Illustrations are the main attractions to her. I always g…

Book Review: Ten Apples Up On Top by Dr. Suess

Dr. Suess Geisel was an American author who usually write books for child under the pen name Dr.Suess.

Ten Apple Up On Top is the story of three animal friends, a lion, a dog, and a tiger who are trying to balance apples on their heads.They can balance on their heads as they skip, walk the tightrope and roller skate their way through the book. They start with a healthy and fun competition and trying to see who can balance most on their head.They get into trouble when some visitors bang into the room and try to end their fun.
At first they compete and show some jealousy, but at the end they become friends and bond together to get out of the trouble.
I love how this book ends with all of the friends are being happy.
What my daughter learn from "Ten Apple Up On Top"
Young children need to learn at an early age that competition is good, but can be bad if your attitude is bad. 
What I like about "Ten Apple Up On Top"
Easy enough for my 5 year old to read by herself with s…

The Princess Drama

When someone asks my 5 year old daughter, "What she want to be when she grow up?" to which she replied that she wants to be a princess.

The reason behind this is, she is so fascinated by princess crown, gowns and the castle as shown in the TV show "Sofia, the princess".

During a reading session with my DD, she gets me a book of fairy tales and ask me to read a story of Cinderella. That time I read the story to her. But something got stuck in my mind.

And that something was:

What if she starts to believe in Godmother?What if she starts to believe in love at first sight?What if she starts to believe that after marriage to a prince the life will be happy ever after?What if she starts to believe that the girl should be pretty and beautiful enough to woo a boy?In almost every fairy tale, the princess or a girl at the center of a difficult obstacle, and only prince does come to rescue her. Be it Cinderella, Snow White or Rapunzel.

These above questions make me to stop reading…